Jordan Rubin ROCKS!

So as a family we’ve started the Jordan Rubin diet; it is AWESOME!

Right now I’m so thankful for people like Jordan Rubin who put an incredible amount of time into researching and creating meal plans, detailed recipes, even recording all the background and history of why foods should or shouldn’t be eaten. At the end of last year I decided I wanted to make a change to the way I lived – that meant, eating different, exercising regularly, less time with TV more time with God etc. Changing the old bad habits and developing them in new habits that I would actually benefit from.

It’s definitely a work in progress, it doesn’t happen over night I’ll tell you that! But I’ve realised how important and true it is that we all need to invest into ourselves, whether it’s making time to read, starting a hobby, exercising – we need it! I used to describe it selfish, now I see it as good prioritising! Being productive and smart with time is a skill I have yet to master…

Back to the book :-
It’s all based on biblical principles of how we were created to eat and live. The original book saying all about his story is called the Maker’s Diet – in there he shares about how he was healed of Crohn’s Disease by changing the way he ate, sounds crazy right?! Jordan shares, in one of his following books, all about the keys to health and wellness in general. He puts it down to 7 keys,  and how to make them a way of life.

Key #1: Eat to Live

Key #2: Supplement Your Diet with Whole Food Nutritionals, Living Nutrients, and Superfoods

Key #3: Practice Advanced Hygiene

Key #4: Condition Your Body with Exercise and Body Therapies

Key #5: Reduce Toxins in Your Environment

Key #6: Avoid Deadly Emotions

Key #7: Live a Life of Prayer and Purpose

Take a peek at Day 23 Dinner; Goat Cheese Stuffed Free-Range Chicken Breast with a house salad and fresh pesto – NOM!

Goat Cheese Chicken

This shift in my life has made a REAL difference to the way I live, so much so that I’ve made up my mind there’s no going back! If you wanted to look into it and try out some of the yummy recipes or just wanted more info, I found most of the recipes and information on the website:

ps. keep a look out for the Blueberry & Pecan Pancakes – they are beyond goody goody gooood!
(I’ve had them way more than the meal plan recommends… oops!)

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